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Data Exchange designs, builds, owns and operates data centres. Our modular approach provides agile and cost-effective data centres built to global best practice standards.

Our integrated, customised solutions deliver fully self-contained, flexible accommodation for your ICT and cloud infrastructure. Data Exchange can deploy customised data centre capacity to meet your technical specifications and operational requirements in our own colocation facilities, or we can deliver our wide range of data centre solutions and services to your site.

From remote sites and edge deployments through to the construction of enterprise and commercial colocation class facilities, from a single rack in one of our colocation facilities through fully customised colocation space built just for you, Data Exchange can deliver a comprehensive range of solutions to meet any data centre requirement.

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What makes us different

Data Exchange is redefining the way modern data centres are constructed and operated. We design and manufacture our own range of modular data centres, and the solutions we provide to our clients are based on the same technology and design philosophy that underpin the construction of our colocation facilities.

We view ourselves as more than just a colocation provider or modular data centre vendor; we view ourselves as a partner who can provide you with a customised end to end data centre and infrastructure solutions and services.

Data Exchange is redefining the way modern data centre's are constructed and operated


Break free from traditional data centre constraints and vendors who lock you into a fixed design path. We design our data centres in-house to meet your commercial and operational requirements, plugging you into our colocation ecosystem or deploying capacity to your site.

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Manufactured in Australia to service Asia-Pacific, our highly scalable solutions and services are delivered in as little as 12 weeks. End to end supply chain management and minimal outsourcing ensure a highly cost-effective solution that is genuinely capital efficient.

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Highly scalable and designed for maximum flexibility to reduce the risk associated with future capacity planning. Our resilient designs and construction ensure uptime in even the most hostile of environments, all while still providing the benefits of efficient power and cooling that modular data centres are renowned for.

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